Health Information – Ethiopia

Keeping healthy is relatively straight forward if you are sensible about what you eat, where you eat it and keeping clean. Our group will be carrying a full medical kit including a full sterile kit.

What you must bring as an indiviual:

• Sunburn – high factor sun cream
• Insect Bites – insect repellent and antihistamine cream
• Diarrhoea – Rehydration salts (Imodium should be used only when travelling)
• Blisters and Cuts – plasters, antiseptic cream
• Aches and Pains – paracetamol and Ibuprofen

Preventative Measures

• Immunisations – you must visit your doctor for personal advice and prices. You must have a yellow fever certificate and may need some boosters. You will probably be told by their GP that you are required to have or should have the following vaccinations: Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid and Polio. Meningococcus meningitis and rabies are optional.

• Anti Malarial Medication – There are a variety of malaria options. Areas can be considered malarial under 2000 meters above sea level. Follow the advice of your doctor.

Things to do…

• Visit your doctor and dentist

• Prepare a small medical kit to include painkillers, plasters, bite cream and any other necessities.

• Get fit and healthy!!

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