Fundraising Tips

Fundraising tips

Raising funds for your trip to Ethiopia is a challenge but extremely rewarding and very enjoyable. There are two main ways of raising money:

Organising a fund raising event or activity

Applying for funding from existing organisations


Organising a fund raising event

Examples of events and activities that have proved successful in the past are:

– Race night: £1000
– Selling cookies during break and lunchtime. Up to £200 per week.
– Non school uniform day: £800
– Auction: £3000 to £5000 depending on the quality of the lots donated
– Sponsored walk: £3000 to £4000
– Bag packing: £400 per day depending on store

Applying for funding from existing organisations

CSR – Many organisations have a Corporate Social Responsibility policy with money set aside to support projects and good causes.
Trusts – a trust is a body of people put in charge of a fund that has been set to up to support a cause. There are many trusts that have been set up to support students getting involved in projects such as Ethiopia 13.

Finding funding streams

1 – Ask family and friends if their employers have a CSR policy. Sometimes it helps to have a family member working for the company.
2 – Look through the Yellow Pages or for companies that might be willing to support you and do some research into what they might support. For example law firms such as Dickinson Dees have guidance on how to apply for funding. You need to remember that big organisations many applications.
3 – Consider writing to smaller more local businesses – builders merchants,
4 – Write to local community groups and church groups. There are many trusts within communities for exactly this kind of project. Ask your headteacher whether there are any trust funds linked to the school.
5 – Contact local charities such as the Rotary or Lions clubs.
6 – Research what might be available through the some of the local supermarkets. The Coop for example.

Things to consider when writing your application:

Get your application in early. Organisations will have meetings to discuss applications and these meetings may not be that frequent. If you want to be considered get your application in early.

If you are writing to local organisation, club or church group offer to come in and talk to the members before you go or when you return. They like to hear where the money is going to.

Do your research. You need to put time in to be successful.

Other useful links:
The Charities Commission – search for organisations involved in Ethiopia
The Key Fund
National Youth Agency

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