Kit List

Kit List

The school will provide:

Tents, stoves, pans, plates, cutlery and mugs

It would be a good idea to take the following personal kit (don’t forget you don’t have to have brand new kit and the you should take as little as possible)

A good rule: Only take what you would be happy to leave behind

Another good rule: When you think you are prepared put all your clothes on your bed and put half of it back in the cupboard. (You always take too much)

Clothing Lightweight trousers (2) Jeans are to be avoided
Shorts (1)
Walking shoes or boots Wear them in well before you  go.  Don’t just take boots
Underwear (6?) You can wash it
Shirts (2 long sleeved, 4  t-shirts) Some long sleeved ones are good  for protecting from the sun and insects
Sun hat Especially good if it covers your  ears and neck
Warm hat It can be very cold in the  mountains
Warm clothes eg  fleece It may well get down to freezing  in the mountains
Socks Good socks help prevent blisters
Old clothes for working in Leave them in Ethiopia to  create room for gifts
Waterproof top It is the rainy season


Sleeping Sleeping bag 3 to 4 season- avoid big square  ones
Sleeping mat School can provide
Sheet sleeping bag (liner) Easier to wash than a sleeping bag
Flip flops (a must!!) Great for quick trips to the loo-  very cheap in Ethiopia
Pillow case Fill it with clothes for a pillow


Carrying Day sack Around 30 litres.  Use for hand luggage on the plane
Bag or rucksack (TBC) Big enough to take all of your  kit.  Don’t take too much


Accessories Sunglasses
Sun cream
Personal medicine/first aid: to include  insect repellent, bite cream. For headaches, cuts etc
Torch and batteries
Pen For postcards, diary etc
Camera, batteries, film etc
Clothes washing stuff
Wash/hygiene kit
Sarong/ Towel Sarong can also be used as skirts,  shawls etc
Address book
Money Emergency Dollars?
Money belt
Penknife MUST be in your main luggage, not  hand luggage
Water purification pills
Water bottle
String/elastic bands
Plastic bags


Do NOT take:


Expensive kit/clothing
Jewellery It might get stolen or lost
Mobile phone or mp3 players They don’t work in most of the  areas we are going to
Revealing clothes
Lots of things You have to carry it

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