Day 19

Day 19 – Bahir Dar to Addis – Katie and Lucy

After a nice early start of 5am, we were on the bus and on our way from  Bahir Dar going back to Addis Ababa. Most of us were fast asleep when we stopped for breakfast at 9, until pancakes were mentioned. Our pancake experience was a little strange with rather unusal tomato sauce but it was still lovely.

After breakfast we continued our journey to the capital. A so far uninterrupted afternoon was suddenly broken by a rare but exciting sight of olive baboons on the road side – lets just say those seemingly inedible bananas we had bought earlier were devoured by these animals and they went to good use.

While stopped to feed them, McGrah decided to pick a rather odd fruit that looked somewhat similar to an alien egg which provided a good amount of entertainment for everyone, until Joe opened it…this was shortly followed by the prospect of long awaited ‘oranges’ or what turned out to be an extremely citrisy and bitter experience, unlike those at home.

Eventually, after many singalongs and naps spread across 12 hours, we arrived in Addis ready for food, showers and bed.

Back at the Yonas Hotel we could feel the end of the trip was only just around the corner. We said goodbye to Andy who was on an earlier flight, had our evening meal and then all headed to bed for our last night in Ethiopia.

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